Giving Tuesday has emerged as a fundraising opportunity you don't want to pass up. Year after year growth has been exceptional! In December of 2019 over $500 million was donated on #GivingTuesday. Why not join the movement and benefit from this global day of generosity? Here are some tips for your first Giving Tuesday campaign.

Set Goal and Purpose -  It’s always good to set a realistic goal that is a bit of a reach. Be specific about how the funds will be used. Instead of saying they will be used for the food pantry, try messaging $10,000 will supply 50 families of four with food for a month. Donors are motivated with specifics. Keep your message consistent throughout the campaign. We suggest first time campaigns set a goal of $5,000.

Campaign Challenge Match Donor - If you are able to find a generous donor or corporate sponsor to match donations up to a certain amount -  it will make a big impact. Donors love knowing their donation will be matched and are likely to give a little more. If you can't get a matching sponsor how about a cover the fee sponsor? Research has shown that donation pages where a sponsor covers the fees have better success.

Determine Your Message / Challenge - Giving Tuesday isn't just about raising money. It is also about making your supporters feel connected to your mission and organization. Connect with them by asking them to post on your social media. Maybe it's a get outside challenge, a dance off, a positive message, a pet photo, etc. For example, the ice bucket challenge went viral because it was an engaging challenge!

Create a Timeline - Be specific about your social media, email marketing, snail mail and personal outreach goals and timing. Have content ready ahead of time and decide when you will send. 

Recruit Social Media Stars - Identify a core group (board members, donors, volunteers) who have a good social media audience and ask them several weeks ahead to post for you the week of Giving Tuesday. Provide them with graphics, photos, videos and messaging. Videos under one minute with text are the best at driving engagement. 

Get Your Fundraising Platform Ready - Choose either a Donate page with goal tracker and donor comments OR a Crowdfunding campaign for your Giving Tuesday fundraising. If you use Crowdfunding be sure to customize your message and goal. Encourage supporters to personalize their fundraiser page with a personal message and images. Encourage them to share via social media on Giving Tuesday. 

Invite People to Fundraise - A personal ask can go a long way. Be sure to start with your Board of DIrectors and staff then reach out to large donors and volunteers. Pick up the phone before you follow-up with an email invitation. Invite on social media too.

Thank Your Donors - Be sure to give special thanks to your core group of social influencers and to everyone who took the time to fundraise.

We hope you’ve gleaned some helpful Giving Tuesday tips for your first campaign. CharityWeb’s online fundraising platform is for nonprofits of all sizes with no monthly fee for all-volunteer organizations.

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Absolutely not - that's our job! Our engineers match the look and feel of your existing site - copying the wrapper and navigation for our Donate and Register modules. Donors will feel like they never left your site. The page is hosted on our secure server and you simply link to it from the Donate button on your homepage. We take care of providing the online receipt and sending the email thank you with your organization's email address. For our Event-A-Thon and Peer Fundraising Pages, we have a mobile-ready template that you can quickly customize for your needs.
No, you can use a better one that can save you money and provides excellent service, flexibility, and advanced features such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. And, the money will still be directed into your current bank account. It is easy to apply -- you do while signing up -- and your account is typically approved within an hour.
Yes. Signing up for a monthly gift is a feature of every donation page. You can set separate giving levels for one-time and for recurring gifts. Donors can log in and maintain their own recurring gifts via a donor dashboard. We send an email thank you after each successful charge and notify donors if their card has failed.
We store your data in a password protected control panel. You can view and download into an Excel or CSV file format 24/7. We do not charge for multiple users.
Yes. We use Stripe's Level 1 PCI technology making PCI compliance easy for us and for you.
We have a lot of experience dealing with fraudsters and have several safe guards in place that virtually eliminate fraud.
No. We're available through or by phone 866.4.eTools ext 104. One of our experienced engineers will be happy to assist you.
We have over 20 years of experience with online fundraising and are happy to share our knowledge with you. We've worked with some of the largest charities in America. Plus, there is our personal touch. You will communicate with the same knowledgeable staff so we understand your unique needs.

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