End-of-year is a critical time for engaging donors. GivingTuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is usually our second busiest day. (Dec 31st is usually the busiest.) With over $511 million raised by charities online in 2019, it is a fundraising movement you can’t afford to miss.  In addition, approximately one third of annual giving happens in December. Below find two of our favorite year-end giving tools.

GivingTuesday Campaign Page with Optional Matching Gift Sponsor 

Our Donate Campaign tool adds an image, text, goal progress bar and donor comments to the standard Donate page. Combine this tool with a matching gift sponsor and you have a winning combination for GivingTuesday! 

Why They Work - Setting a goal and creating excitement and a deadline helps move donors to give. Double the Donation claims “Mentioning matching gifts in fundraising appeals results in a 71% increase in response rate and a 51% increase in average donation amount.” 

How to Setup - Add a new donation page to your control panel and then edit the page using the blue "Edit" button to turn on the campaign features, i.e. progress bar and comments, that you want. Email techsupport@charityweb.net if you run into any problems. 

Client Example - In their first matching campaign, Volunteer Fairfax’s Board of Directors came together to provide a generous match up to $5,000. While they came a little shy of their $10,000 goal, this new fundraising tool was a big success and will surely grow each year: https://ssl.charityweb.net/volunteerfairfax/givingtuesday.htm

Gift Catalog

A creative year-end tool! Especially beneficial to charities that work directly with the public and can offer tangible “gifts” like “Food for a family of 5 for a week” or “Apartment Starter Set” for homeless transition centers. These gifts are representative of how the funds will help your organization, not actually how they must be used.

Why They Work - People want to give meaningful gifts that make a difference and being able to visualize how their gift will help inspires them to give and give more.

How to Setup - The Gift Catalog uses our Register tool. Create a new “Gift Catalog” event and add each item as a ticket with photo and description. Email techsupport@charityweb.net for hands on help getting your first Gift Catalog launched!

Example https://give.medicalteams.org/catalog/ 

If you don't see the answers below, contact us or visit our documentation site

Absolutely not - that's our job! Our engineers match the look and feel of your existing site - copying the wrapper and navigation for our Donate and Register modules. Donors will feel like they never left your site. The page is hosted on our secure server and you simply link to it from the Donate button on your homepage. We take care of providing the online receipt and sending the email thank you with your organization's email address. For our Event-A-Thon and Peer Fundraising Pages, we have a mobile-ready template that you can quickly customize for your needs.
No, you can use a better one that can save you money and provides excellent service, flexibility, and advanced features such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. And, the money will still be directed into your current bank account. It is easy to apply -- you do while signing up -- and your account is typically approved within an hour.
Yes. Signing up for a monthly gift is a feature of every donation page. You can set separate giving levels for one-time and for recurring gifts. Donors can log in and maintain their own recurring gifts via a donor dashboard. We send an email thank you after each successful charge and notify donors if their card has failed.
We store your data in a password protected control panel. You can view and download into an Excel or CSV file format 24/7. We do not charge for multiple users.
Yes. We use Stripe's Level 1 PCI technology making PCI compliance easy for us and for you.
We have a lot of experience dealing with fraudsters and have several safe guards in place that virtually eliminate fraud.
No. We're available through techsupport@charityweb.net or by phone 866.4.eTools ext 104. One of our experienced engineers will be happy to assist you.
We have over 20 years of experience with online fundraising and are happy to share our knowledge with you. We've worked with some of the largest charities in America. Plus, there is our personal touch. You will communicate with the same knowledgeable staff so we understand your unique needs.

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